Lisa M. Hooper

Lisa M. Hooper, Ph.D.
Department of Educational and Counseling Psychology,
Counseling, and College Student Personnel
325B Woodford R. and Harriett B. Porter Building
The University of Louisville
Louisville, Kentucky 40292
Phone Number: (502) 852-5311
Fax Number: (502) 852-0629


Research Interests

Family adversity and trauma; parentification; family-of-origin roles and responsibilities; attachment styles; culturally-tailored care; health disparities; primary care treatment of mental health issues.

Representative Publications
  • Kaltman, S., Krupnick, J., Stockton, P., Hooper, L. M., & Green, B. L. (2005). The psychological impact of types of sexual trauma among college women. Journal of Traumatic Stress, 18, 547-555. doi:10.1002/jts.20063
  • Hooper, L. M. (2007). The application of attachment theory and family systems theory to the phenomena of parentification. The Family Journal: Counseling and Therapy for Couples and Families, 15, 217-223. doi:10.1177/1066480707301290
  • Burnham, J. J., & Hooper, L. M. (2008). Fears of American children following terrorism. Journal of Loss and Trauma: International Perspectives on Stress & Coping, 13, 319-329. doi:10.1080/15325020701742011
  • Hooper, L. M., Marotta, S. A., & DePuy, V. ± (2009). A confirmatory factor analytic study of the Posttraumatic Growth Inventory among a sample of racially diverse college students. Journal of Mental Health, 18, 335-343. doi:10.1080/09638230802522502
  • Hooper, L. M., Stockton, P., Krupnick, J. L., & Green, B. L. (2011). Development, use, and psychometric properties of the Trauma History Questionnaire. Journal of Loss and Trauma: International Perspectives on Stress and Coping, 16, 258-283. doi:10.1080/15325024.2011.572035
  • Hooper, L. M., Tomek, S., & *Newman, C. R. (2012). Using attachment theory in medical settings: Implications for primary care physicians. Journal of Mental Health, 21, 23-37. doi:10.3109/09638237.2011.613955
  • Kohn-Wood, L., & Hooper, L. M. (2014). Cultural competency, culturally tailored care, and the primary care setting: Possible solutions to reduce racial/ethnic disparities in mental health care. Journal of Mental Health Counseling, 36, 173-188.
  • Hooper, L. M., Tomek, S., Bolland, K., Church II, W., Wilcox, K., & Bolland, J. (in press).  The impact of previous suicide ideations, traumatic stress, and gender on future suicide ideation trajectories among Black American adolescents: A longitudinal investigation. Journal of Loss and Trauma: International Perspectives on Stress and Coping.