James Meyerhoff

James L. Meyerhoff, MD
Clinical Professor Dept of Psychiatry &
Adjunct Professor Dept. of Biochemistry
Georgetown University Medical Center
phone: 301-588-7396



Dr. Meyerhoff received BA and MD degrees from the University of Pennsylvania. After a rotating internship, he completed a residency in Psychiatry at the University of Chicago as well as a Postdoctoral Fellowship in Neuropharmacology at Johns Hopkins University.

With colleagues at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research and in academia, he has established a vertically-integrated program to investigate the effects of stress on performance, using neurochemical, neuroendocrine, physiological and psychometric indices of stress.

In addition to evaluating potential anxiolytic compounds, they recently reported on fear-induced increases in amygdalar dendritic spines and decreases in hippocampal spines, as well as BDNF mRNA, in a mouse model of social defeat. Genomic, as well as MRI effects are currently being assessed in the model.

While employing well-established, validated physiological and psychometric stress metrics, he and colleagues developed and critically evaluating potential non-contact indices for quantifying emotional states in humans.

A US patent was awarded to Drs. Meyerhoff and Hansen for their method of measuring stress in the human voice. Dr. Meyerhoff is a Clinical Professor of Psychiatry and a member of the Dept. of Biochemistry at Georgetown University.