Alfiee Breland-Noble


  • Alfiee M. Breland-Noble, Ph.D., MHSc.
  • Project Director
  • AAKOMA (African American Knowledge Optimized for Mindfully-Healthy Adolescents)




Research areas

Dr. Breland-Noble’s research focuses on reducing mental health disparities in racially diverse adolescents, youth, and families.  Dr. Breland-Noble is currently funded by the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) and the National Institutes of Health.  Her clinical expertise includes culturally relevant treatment for depression and anxiety in teens and adults.  


Dr. Breland-Noble is a recognized expert in adolescent depression disparities as evidenced by her appointments to the American Psychological Association Board to Develop Depression Treatment Guidelines and the PCORI National Advisory Panel on Addressing Disparities.  She currently leads multiple research teams with a focus on patient-centered outcomes research, community-based participatory research, behavioral clinical trials, and faith-based mental health promotion.

List of Publications