Nawar Shara

Nawar M. Shara, M.S.,PhD
Director, Dept. of Biostatistics and Epidemiology
Assistant Professor of Medicine, Georgetown University
Director DBPS-CTSA (Georgetown-Howard)
MedStar Health Research Institute
6525 Belcrest Road, Suite 700
Hyattsville, MD 20782
301-560-7314 (w)

Research Interest:

Design of adaptive clinical trials; handling missing clinical data; the study of the novel correlates of kidney and cardiovascular disease; health disparities; bioinformatics; Health Services Research.


My research at MedStar Health Research Institute/Georgetown-Howard CTSA (GHUCCTS) has focused on developing novel statistical methodology to investigate correlates of Kidney and Cardiovascular disease and to identify non-traditional predictors of both diseases.

I’m also interested in examining patterns of missing clinical data in longitudinal studies and testing the performance of imputation techniques on different types of missing data.

My research focus is investigating associations between Oxidative Stress and Cardiovascular risk stratified according to stages of kidney disease. Recently, I have been working on developing methods dealing with Health Disparities and Diseases.

In addition, I have been developing tools to improve the efficiency of the extraction of Electronic Health Records for research purposes with the overarching goal of improving patients outcomes.

Representative Publications
  • Roman MJ, Kizer JR, Best LG, Lee ET, Howard BV, Shara NM, Devereux RB. Vascular Biomarkers in the Prediction of Clinical Cardioascular Disease: The Strong Heart Study. Abstract. American Heart Association, Inc. November 2011.
  • Strand AT, Sobatka I, Wing JJ, Menon RS, German L, Burgess RE, Gibbons MC, Shara NM, Fernandez S, Jayam-Trough A, Edwards DF, Kidwell CS. Impact of Acute Perihematomal Edema on Long-Term Outcomes Following Primary Intracerebral Hemorrhage. Abstract. 2012 International Stroke Conference.
  • Dromerick AW, Gibbons MC, Edwards DF, Farr D, Jayam-Trouth A, Shara NM, Sanchez BN, Fokar A, Coles R, Richardson J, Ovbiagele B, Kidwell CS. A Phase II RCT of Stroke Navigators to Improve Compliance with Stroke Prevention: PROTECT DC. Abstract.
  • Menon RS, Burgess RE, Wing JJ, Shara NM, Fernandez S, Jayam-Trough A, German L, Sobotka I, Edwards D, Kidwell CS. New insights into the temporal profile and etiology of ischemic infarcts in ICH. Abstract.
  • Hsia AW, Edwards DF, Morgenstern LB, Wing JJ, Brown NC, Coles R, Loftin S, Wein A, Koslosky SS, Fatima S, Sanchez BN, Fokar A, Gibbons MC, Shara, NM, Jayam-Trough A, Kidwell, CS. Racial Disparities in tissue plasminogen activator treatment rate for stroke: A population-based study. Stroke 200; 42:2217-21.
  • Calhoun D, Carter EA, Best LG, Dutton MA,Egan JT, Hull CP, Kaltman S, Leonardson G, Shara NW, Mete M, Welty T, Howard BV. Locus of control, diabetes and glycemic control: The Strong Heart Study. Abstract. Submitted July 2011 to Al and AN Mental Health Research, the Journal of the National Center.
  • Barac A, Wang H, Shara NW, deSimone G, Carter EA, Umans JG, Best LG, Yeh J, Dixon DB, Devereux RB, Howard BV, Panza JA. Markers of Inflammation, mearolib risk factors and incident heart failure in American Indians: The Strong Heart Study. J Clinical Hypertension September 2011 IN PRESS.
  • Hsia AW, Castle A, Wing JJ, EdwardsDF, Broqwn NC, Higgins RM, Wallace JL, Koslosky SS, Gibbons MC, Sanchez BN, Fokar A, Shara NM, Mogenstern LB, Kidwell CS. Understanding Reasons for Delay in Seeking Acute Stroke Care in an Underserved Urban Population. Stroke 42:1697-1701,2011. PMID 21546471.
  • Dromerick AW, Gibbons MC, Edwards D, Farr D, Giannetti M, Sanchez B,Shrara NM, Fokar A, rough AJ, Ovbiagele B, Kidwell CS. Preventing Recurrence of Thrombo-embolic Events through Coordinated Treatment in the District of Columbia (PROTECT DC). International Journal of Stroke.6(5):454-460, October 2011. PMID 21951411.
  • Menon RS, Burgess RE, Wing JJ, Gibbons MC, Shara NM, Fernandez S, Trough AJ, German L, Sobotka I, Edwards D, Kidwell CS. New insights into the temporal profile and etiology of ischemic infarcts in ICH. Abstract. (Accepted: Annals of Neurology).