Emily Siegel

Emily Siegel, PhD, MPH 
Independent Research Associate
Nutrition and Health Counselor
Founder, Nutritional Healing and Integrated Practices
7326 University Avenue
Glen Echo, MD 20812
Phone: 410-961-5618
Email: emily@emilysiegel.com


Research Interests

Micronutrient supplementation, maternal child health and development, body-centered trauma release, PTSD, international health.

Representative Publications
  • Kordas K., Siegel E.H., Olney D.K., Katz J., Tielsch J.M., Kariger P.K., Khalfand S, LeClerq S.C., Khatry S.K., and Stoltzfus R.J. Iron supplementation, together with zinc or mebendazole: effects on maternal reports of sleep in infants from Nepal and Zanzibar. Journal of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics, accepted.
  • Kordas K, Siegel E.H., Olney D.K., Katz J., Tielsch J.M., Chwaya H.M., Kariger P.K., LeClerq S.C., Khatry S.K., and Stoltzfus R.J. (2007). Maternal reports of sleep in 6-18 month-old infants from Nepal and Zanzibar. Association with iron deficiency anemia and stunting. Early Human Development, advance electronic print.
  • Siegel E.H. Stoltzfus R., Kariger P., Katz J., Khatry S., LeClerq S.C., and Tielsch J.M. (2005). Growth, anemia, and diet independently predict motor milestone acquisition of infants in south central Nepal. Journal of Nutrition, 135(12): 2840-2844.
  • Siegel E.H. Stoltzfus R.J., Khatry S.K., LeClerq S.C., Katz J., and Tielsch J.M. (2006). Epidemiology of anemia among 4- to 17-month children living in south central Nepal. European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 60(2): 228-235.
  • Black M.M., Siegel E.H., Abel Y., and Bentley M.E. (2001) Home and videotape intervention delays early complementary feeding among adolescent mothers. Pediatrics 107(5): e67.