Carla Williams

Carla D. Williams, PhD
Assistant Professor
Departments of Medicine and Community and Family Medicine 
Howard University Cancer Center 
2041 Georgia Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20060
Phone Number: 202-806-5293 
Fax Number: 202-667-1686

Research Interests

Tobacco dependence, cancer prevention and control, community-engaged research, impact of health disparities research

Representative Publications
  • Aggarwal A, Freund K, Sato A, Adams-Campbell LL, Lopez AM, Lessin LS, Ockene J, Wallace RB, Williams CD, Bonds DE. (2008). Are depressive symptoms associated with cancer screening and cancer stage at diagnosis among postmenopausal women? The Women's Health Initiative observational cohort. Journal of Women’s Health 17:1353-61. (PMID: 18788983)
  • Kepher MK, Williams, CD, Taylor, TR, Rosenberg, L, Adams-Campbell, LL (2009). An assessment of the CES-D scale factor structure in Black women: The Black Women's Health Study. Psychiatry Research, 168, 163-170. (PMID: 19501414)
  • RF Gillum, Williams, CD (2009). Associations Between Breast Cancer Risk Factors and Religiousness in American Women in a National Health Survey. Journal of Religion and Health: 48; 178. (PMID: 19421868)
  • Brait, M, Ford, JG, Papaiahgari, S, Garza, MA, Lee, JI, Loyo, M, Maldonado, L, Begum, S, McCaffrey, L, Howerton, M, Sidransky, D, Emerson, MR, Ahmed, S,Williams, CD, Hoque, MO. (2009). Association between lifestyle factors and CpG Island methylation in a cancer-free population. Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers and Prevention, 18, 2984–91. (PMID: 19861513)
  • Wilson-Frederick, SM, Williams, DC, Garza, MA, Navas-Acien, A. Emerson, MR, Ahmed, S, Ford, JG (In Press). The association of secondhand smoke exposure with nicotine dependence among Black smokers. Addictive Behaviors. (PMID: 21239118)