About Us

Center for Trauma and the Community

GU Gate 

  • The Georgetown Center for Trauma and the Community (CTC) is focused on improving the mental health of low-income individuals and families in the Washington DC metropolitan area who have been exposed to highly stressful and traumatic events, such as physical or sexual assault and abuse, life-threatening accidents, violent loss, war, and immigration-related trauma.
  • The CTC is a multidisciplinary center housed in the Department of Psychiatry at the Georgetown University Medical Center.
  • It provides mentoring for junior faculty and fosters research that contributes to the understanding of the processes and impact of trauma on the mind and body, and on how to deliver low-cost mental health interventions that are culturally appropriate, innovative, effective, and sustainable in primary care and social service settings that serve low-income clients.
  • Our work has been supported by grants from the National Institutes of Health, the Department of Defense, the Department of Justice, Georgetown University, and the Veteran’s Administration.
  • Our members include faculty from multiple departments and disciplines within Georgetown, including Family Medicine, Pediatrics, Cell Biology, Medicine, Neurology, Psychology, Oncology, and the School of Nursing and Health Studies, and other settings, including the Veterans Affairs Medical Center and the Primary Care Coalition.
  • We have ongoing collaborative relationships with primary care settings in Montgomery County, Maryland, Prince George’s County, Maryland, Northern Virginia, and the District of Columbia, and we seek ongoing input and feedback from community-based clinicians and consumers.