Research Studies


Dr. Mary Ann Dutton

Trauma exposure, Post-traumatic stress, Mindfulness interventions, Telehealth. Know more about Dr. Dutton.

Dr. Alfiee M Breland-Noble

Reducing mental health disparities for African American and diverse adolescents; treatment engagement for depression in diverse adolescents; mental health stigma reduction in diverse populations, health equity in suicide prevention, Community Based Participatory Research with a specific focuses on Faith Based Health Promotion and Mindfulness in diverse parenting contexts. Know more about Dr. Breland-Noble.

Dr. Barbara Schwartz

Implicit (non-conscious) learning in psychiatric and neurological disorders; Social cognition in schizophrenia; Interventions to improve cognitive functioning. Know more about Dr. Schwartz.

Dr. Dionne Coker-Appiah

Adolescent dating violence; Adolescent mental health; Adolescent sexual health; Child/Adolescent exposure to interpersonal violence; Community-Based Participatory Research (CBPR); Low income and minority populations; Adolescent Neuropsychology. Know more about Dr. Cooker-Appiah.

Dr. Elizabeth Hoge

Anxiety Disorders diagnoses and treatment; Post-traumatic Stress Disorder; Mind-Body interventions for anxiety and insomnia; Oxytocin and anxiety. Know more about Dr. Hoge.

Dr. Janice Krupnick

Posttraumatic stress disorder; Psychosocial treatment development; Low-income women and adolescent girls. Know more about Dr. Krupnick.

Dr. Karen Anderson

Huntington Disease Care. Know more about Dr. Anderson.

Dr. Matthew Biel

Health disparities; Mental health interventions in pediatric primary care; Coexisting medical and psychiatric conditions in children; Autism spectrum disorders; Trauma; Anxiety and mood disorders in children and families. Know more about Dr. Biel.

Dr. Matthew Reinhard

Cognitive and Neuropsychological factors of PTSD; Complimentary and Integrative treatment for PTSD; Deployment health; Neurocognitive effects of environmental toxin exposure. Know more about Dr. Reinhard.

Dr. Mihri Mete

Anxiety, stress and depression; Nutrition, obesity and diabetes and their relationship to mental health; Stress and cardiovascular disease; Research design and statistical modeling. Know more about Dr. Mete.

Dr. Pamela Saunders

Language; Communication; Doctor-Patient Interaction; Communication Training of Clinicians, Students, and Caregivers; Dementia; Medical Education; Narrative Medicine. Know more about Dr. Saunders.

Dr. Priscilla Dass-Brailsford

Psychological effects of trauma and violence on ethnic minority women and children; Understanding and developing interventions for Maternal HIV disclosure; Co-morbidity of HIV, PTSD and Substance Abuse among Women living with HIV; Mental health consequences of natural disasters. Know more about Dr. Dass-Brailsford.

Dr. Stacey Kaltman

Trauma and loss; Latino mental health; Integration of mental health services into the primary care setting; Mental health disparities. Know more about Dr. Kaltman.

Dr. Celene Domitrovich

Enhancing Outcomes of an Evidence-Based Social-Emotional; Enhancing Outcomes of a School Support Model to promote social and Emotional Learning. Know more about Dr. Domitrovich.

Dr. Erin Mathis

Child social-emotional development. Child self-regulation and academic success. Design and evaluation of  both child- and parent-focused prevention programs implemented in school and community settings. Know more about Dr. Mathis.