Karen Anderson, MD

Professor with Tenure, Neurology and Psychiatry

Department of Psychiatry
Georgetown University School of Medicine


Huntington Disease Care, Education & Research Center “Cura Familia” (HDCERC)

2115 Wisconsin Avenue, NW, Suite 140
Washington, DC 20007

E-mail: kea45@georgetown.edu


Karen Anderson, MD, is a psychiatrist specializing in neuropsychiatry, and director of the Huntington’s Disease Care, Education and Research Center at MedStar Georgetown University Hospital. Dr. Anderson sees adult patients and families dealing with behavioral symptoms caused by neurological conditions such as Huntington’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease and brain injuries. She is also an associate professor of psychiatry and neurology at Georgetown University Medical Center.

Dr. Anderson’s work combines her lifelong interest in behavior with an interest in understanding how disease can affect the brain and cause behavioral symptoms. In addition to seeing patients and their families, Dr. Anderson is active in research. She’s currently the co-principal investigator on a clinical trial studying a medication to treat Huntington’s disease, and another studying a medication for tardive dyskinesia, a neurological disorder. Dr. Anderson is also involved in research to develop treatment for the behavioral symptoms of Parkinson’s disease, brain injury and Alzheimer’s disease.

Dr. Anderson is on the executive committee of the Huntington Study Group, a collaborative organization of physicians and healthcare providers from around the world dedicated to clinical research of Huntington’s disease. She’s also an affiliate member of the European Huntington’s Disease Network. In 2013, the Baltimore Huntington Disease Society of America affiliate awarded her their Celebration of Hope Award for excellence in Huntington’s disease clinical care.

Areas of Research: Huntington’s Disease Care

Huntington’s Disease Care, Education and Research Center

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