Mary Ann Dutton – Research Projects

UL 1RR031975


Georgetown-Howard Universities Center for Clinical and Translational Science (GHUCCTS).

CTSA including Georgetown and Howard Universities, MedStar Health, DC VA Medical Center, and Oak Ridge National Laboratory.  

2.4 CM

(Pl: Verbalis, Mellman; Co-Director, Community-Engagement Component)                       $6,493,898 ADC.

I am Co-Director of the Community Engagement and Research component, charged with supporting infrastructure for the successful implementation of community-based research, including aims to forge, expand, and sustain bi-directional partnerships with the public and community-based organizations in order to facilitate community participation in the development, conduct and dissemination of clinical and translational research (CTR); to provide training and resources for investigators to enhance their community engagement and research skills, and to engage community-based practitioners in collaboratively conducting clinical and translational research; and to increase research subject participation by members of the diverse communities that make up the Washington, DC metropolitan area.

P60 MD006920-01


National Institutes of Health, Minority Health and Health Disparities                        0.6 CM

(PI: Campbell; Co-I, Dutton)           $ 516,718.00

The aim of the new center is to eliminate or dramatically reduce health disparities in Washington, D.C., where chronic diseases disproportionately affect the largest minority group, African Americans. Dr. Dutton is a part of the CEHD’s Community Engagement Core, building and strengthening relationships between the scientific and lay communities to expedite evidence-based ways of impacting health disparities, focusing initially on stroke and breast cancer.  

Overlap Statement: There is no scientific or budgetary overlap. 



Diverting the Pathway to Substance Misuse by Improving Sleep                            1.2 CM

(PI:  Mellman; Co-I, Dutton)        $693,629

The goal for this R34 proposal is to develop and test an intervention of which the primary target is disturbed sleep. The intervention will incorporate established sleep behavioral interventions, and include a novel component designed to address nocturnal vigilance, a prominent feature of post-deployment sleep interference. We will also assess overall alcohol and drug use in the target population, its relationship with sleep disturbance, include an educational/motivational module addressing substance use and sleep. We will assess the effect of participation on substance use and the degree to which the effect is accounted for by improvements in sleep.

Overlap Statement: There is no scientific or budgetary overlap.

AWD-7771411 (Internal Award #)


Holistic Healing Arts Retreat        2.4 CM

PI:  Dutton    $116,900

The purpose of the study is to evaluate the pre-, post- and long-term effects of a 5-day Holistic Healing Arts Retreat on perceived stress, secondary traumatic stress and quality of life among counselors and advocates working in one of three participating community clinics in or near Los Angeles, CA. This study is Part 1 of a two-part study, with Part 2 involving a similar retreat for adult female clients who have experienced some form of interpersonal violence (at least one of the following: childhood sexual abuse, domestic violence, sexual assault) of the same participating community clinics (separate IRB approval will be sought for Part 2). This study involves testing the effectiveness of a 5-day Holistic Healing Arts Retreat model for reducing stress and secondary traumatic stress and for improving the quality of life among female counselors and advocates who work with interpersonal violence victims. 

AWD-7771459 (Internal Award #)

7/1/14 – 9/30/18

VA Gulf War Grant       2.4 CM

PI: Reinhard          $166,617

Dr. Dutton will assume primary responsibility for the research integrity and oversight for all scientific aspects of implementation of the proposed study, supported by Dr. Reinhard, Joint PI.  Dr. Dutton will meet with Dr. Reinhard on a frequent basis to maintain the highest quality of research. 

Dr. Dutton is Professor of Psychiatry and has spent 31 years studying trauma exposure and its sequelae.  She has completed both longitudinal risk factor studies and randomized clinical trials focused on PTSD. Dr. Dutton has designed and successfully implemented randomized clinical trials with very difficult to recruit and retain study populations, due both to their psychological condition, as well as to their socioeconomic status. Dr. Dutton is well aware of the challenges to recruitment and retention for clinical study populations and of the necessary measures to ensure participant safety and confidentiality. Dr. Dutton has received two federal grants addressing MBSR for PTSD.  One of those, an NIMH-funded project, was a randomized clinical trial involving low-income, predominantly African American women exposed to chronic trauma, including interpersonal violence.  The other, a DOD-funded project, focused on the development of an online mindfulness intervention for veterans with PTSD.

Overlap Statement: There is no scientific or budgetary overlap.